Apr 02

I needed curl to do sftp recently, and found that the curl version came with Leopard is outdated and does not have the library “libssh2″ for sftp access.

curl -V would show you what options/library was compiled with it.

Then came macport which I previously installed.
Did a “port list curl” and found the curl version available was recent enough.
then “port info curl” would show you the variants available :
curl @7.19.3 (net, www)
Variants: ares, darwin_6, doc, gnutls, gss, idn, ipv6, openldap, sftp_scp, spnego, ssl, universal

sftp is there!

So simple enough, I did a “port install curl +sftp_scp” and sit back and relax.

To break it down in english : port please install curl and add the options of +sftp_scp
How simple can it be?

Macport is available at http://www.macports.org/, I recommend everyone to get it and have it installed, it is such a handy tool.

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