Feb 28

Okay, iPhone is obviously a target for cloning, here is a list of iPhone wannabe that have pop-up here and there (China is definitely the King of copyright infringements, there is nothing that can’t be copied) :


Pink iPhone Clone (Not even close!)iphone-pink.jpg
Click to watch video.

Meizu M8 (this is the nicer one)4260m8.jpg

Hi-Phone (Even the box is cloned!)
Also known as D800i or 99% iphone clone, noticed there is only 3 rows of icons

BTL M2801


V2000 (not a phone)

Desay N8sku92394an1.jpg

Awang A8+ (The shake phone! Same thing, another name)

Watch the video and see how it shakes

There was a video commercial from a Chinese mobile company, which is totally hilarious, but Apple/YouTube took it down, but here is another copy of it :

The actors in the commercial are so fake…
Here is how much the HiPhone cost : 2380 Yen, that is about US$350, but they also include a led case, a 1 GB MicroSD, as well as 30,000 movies!! I guess these movies aren’t worth anything in China.

Here is where you can actually buy some of them, but let’s face it, the REAL iPhone rulez already, why the hell would anyone wants to save 1-200 bucks for fake ones that don’t necessary works the same. Don’t forget Apple will continue innovate, with the upcoming SDK, you will start to see a big pour out of new and exciting apps! Can’t wait…

If anyone find more clones, let me know, I will post them up here…

Feb 08

iPhone Unlock

iPhone user wannabe rejoice!

Software unlock for brand new 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 firmware iphones can now be unlocked.

Thanks to hard work from George Hotz, he found an exploit to do software unlock on latest iphones which was previously thought impossible.

Here is a clear step by step instructions from Pinky’s Brain blog : http://pinkysbrain.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/unlock-iphone-otb-112113-bootloader-46-step-by-step-tutorial/

Here are some more news about it :

Hack away!!


Even though Geohot is the king of hacks, Zibri’s ZiPhone that uses Geohot’s Gunlock bundles a whole bunch of stuff into a nice simple package is the most popular iphone jailbreak/unlock out there, check out his blog :
I have already seen a few 1.1.3 16gb unlock iphones around the company here.
I hope that Geohot and Zibri can just work together, stop the argument, have some fun and enjoy the ride….

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