Jan 24

There are a lot of Super Mario music fans out there, take a look…

Blind folded piano :

Guitars :

Drums :

Flute and beatboxing :

11 Strings Base :


Any type of instruments you can find on youtube.

Jan 23

Okay, this is definitely possible, and does not look too difficult, just a touch hairy when opening the case, I probably won’t have to worry about it at least a few years down the road.

Warning : Doing this is of course voids your iPhone warranty. But I guess who cares, since they don’t even sell them in Canada!

Here is the original blog : http://video.gearlive.com/video/article/q407-replace-iphone-battery-tutorial/

Jan 22

What’s with this one hand guitar playing, I mean I love Andy Mckee :

He is absolutely brilliant.

How about Antoine :Amazing but sick!

I mean who teaches them how to play guitar like that? Nobody!

Here is Four hands guitar :

And finally how about two hands two guitars! This Korean kid playing The Simpsons intro :

These guys are NUTS!

Jan 21

Wiimote Jacket

I don’t think this is widely publicized, because I did not know about it until yesterday.

All new Nintendo Wii now comes with Wiimote Jacket, but they are extending the offer to those existing users. If you do not have a Wiimote Jacket, go ahead and click here : http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jacket/jacketrequest.jsp

All they need is your Wii’s serial number, register online, and they will send you up to 4 jackets, free of charge!!

I have seen and tried these jackets, they actually looks and feels better then the ones I’ve just bought!!

Here is another blog about it : http://www.office-add.com/2007/10/nintendo-wii-remote-jacket-offer.html

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