Sep 12

iPhone Ringtones
There was a lot of people ridiculing the idea of Apple’s new Ringtones service.

Their main point being having to pay twice for something you own. Well, those who have bought ringtones from anywhere else in the first place are idiots anyways.

BUT everyone have a right to buy whatever they wish, if I have a gazillion bucks, I wouldn’t care less what you call me, I’ll pay that extra. Why, because Apple did created the software to make it easy for me to edit and create my own personalized ringtone, it’s convenient.

I don’t see why people should complain. If someone is stupid enough to buy a ringtones in the first place off other ringtone websites, then decided to buy the songs, they still have to pay twice. Also if I couldn’t careless about a few bucks worth of ringtones (how many ringtones you gonna need anyways?), I would pay that just to get my personalized DIY ringtones which I couldn’t get from other ringtones services in the first place. It’s really your choice, and Apple is just giving you this better service/convenience to get what you want, so why complain when Apple is not really forcing you to buy?

Since you are not stupid, and you don’t want to pay that extra bucks, stop whinning and do it yourself here :

or here :

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