Jul 31

Here is another one from moillusions.com.

Spinning Silhouette

This one is mind boggling, you probably see her spinning clockwise, now focus downward on the shadow, and then look up again, do you see her now spinning counter-clockwise?

>> Read it here

*somehow this gif file did not animate on Mac Firefox, try other browser...

Jul 31

Take a look closely at A & B Square, obviously they are different colors, or maybe not?


By going through Photoshop, the picker did reveal them both square as identical colors, how is that possible?

Yes, it’s your eyes playing tricks on yourself, as human vision tends to base level of light/dark from the surrounding colors.

I have seen this image a few years ago, thanks to moillusions.com to bring this back and giving some good explanations…
>> Read it here

Jul 27

Everyone’s done phone pranks when they were a kid, seen good ones, but never thought it could be as good, funny, creative as fonejacker, some of them absolutely brilliant, this will take you a bit long to finish, but welll worth it :

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Jul 26

I used to own an original Apple IIc, boy did I felt special back then, when there were so many Apple IIe clones.
It was fun times, and I really made full used of the IIc, but I have no clue where it is now.
Now I want it back… anyone have one buried in the basement for sale? Please give it to me and I will take good care of it, and I will make good use of it again.

Just like how this guy is doing :
>> Apple //c as a Dumb Terminal

Resurrected Apple IIc put into good use!

Jul 19

Okay…they are getting younger and younger… this is nuts!

Jul 19

Great! Vista Aero interfacing is working well!

Vista Sucks

Click to see it!

Jul 19

Kinda old but still very funny, the floppy that one guy is desperately looking for was found…. but :


Jul 17

This is so funny…
The ultimate Golf Tips, I have no clue with any of the tips he said, but at least I know that Golf should be fun.

Jul 16

This Chinese painting was transformed very nicely and elegantly into 3D Animation, the work is pretty well done and all made in China :

Jul 15

You’ve seen a lot of prank videos all your life, but have you seen pranks being done by 100 people at the same time?

Japanese often like to exaggerate things, but his one obviously from some TV show is pretty funny, check out near the end when they circle around the woman :

Jul 07

I’m still waiting for iPhone to be available here, however, there are already tons of nice iPhone Wallpaper to pick from, and will continue to grow :

>> Check it out!

Here are a few nice samples…
iPhone Wall Paper Samples

Jul 05

At first, I thought this 10 year old singer Julia Abueva is incredible, such nice voice for her age.

But now there is this 6 year old little Connie Talbot at the Britain’s Got Talent show. She don’t even have any front teeth, but her voice is so angelic, check her out :

And here is another video at the final.

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