Jun 29

iPhone is finally out, there were a few video (here and here) out already showing how it was used… so far it looks good.

But ThinkSecret right away wants to look at the inside, and took one apart.

Unfortunately, it’s no pretty job, and I doubt it will ever be able to put back together :O

dead iPhone

>> Check out the photos

Jun 23

Okay, I’ve done a lot of Photoshop along the way, some heavy retouching, but this one here is nuts, follow the link and rollover to see original :
>> Check this out

>> Here are some more not as extreme

Jun 22

Ouch! That really hurts, especially when seen by Mac fans.

This guy is obviously piss off by AppleCare Service, and took extreme measure.

I think he should just stick with a PC instead (at least you won’t expect more), or maybe he’ve seen too much of the smashmyps3.com videos.

>> Check out the video

Jun 22

This actually showed up and printed on a catalog :

>> Check it out

Jun 21

Okay, China is a paradise for faked goods, fake everything. As small as a fake USB Key, as big as a fake Disneyland!

Of course, how can an iPhone escape? Introducing the new “tPhone” :


Jun 21

What’s a blog without any iPhone news? So here is one…

Right after Apple has added YouTube feature on AppleTV, iPhone will also have it’s own little YouTube application when they launch on June 29th. The only thing is that it will only play YouTube video that are re-encoded in h.264, which currently covers about 10,000 video and the rest by fall

According to MacRumors, Apple has special h.264 decoder chip, which helps on battery life, the same reason why they avoided Flash Video which requires more processing power/battery.

Here  is a demo on how YouTube is being used on an iPhone.

Jun 21

This swedish group called OkGo is pretty funny, can’t comment on their music, but they make up hilarious dance video and post them on YouTube and are pretty good.
This one here is on treadmill. Check out their other videos on YouTube page here : http://www.youtube.com/user/OkGo


Jun 17

This guy Jake Shimabukuro is simply breathless when playing his ukulele :

Jun 15

This cat really have an act, begs for anything you throw at him :

Jun 15

Everyone knows me knew I was a Mac Geek.

It is really exciting to see the joint interview of Steve and Bill at D5 Conference, the first time seeing them together since 1983!

The good thing is this turned out to be quite harmonious, and the 2 biggest rival in the tech history did not try to kill each other.

There are 7 parts of the interview :

Take a look at the videos

Jun 15

Trying this iTheme from http://www.ndesign-studio.com

Jun 15

For all the cat lovers out there, wondering where your cat goes, here is a nice experiment :


Jun 15

OMG, this is a real disaster!

I think the casket is in plastic too… This is a real horrible way to go.

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