Jul 21

There are Michael Jackson Dancing Flash Mobs appearing around the World, here is a list of them. It is a definite that more and more will be appearing. It is a nice tribute to MJ, so this list will be updated as more are found, enjoy!



San Francisco

Not much of a flash mob, more people, camera than dancing.

Victoria, Canada
Mass Thriller

Mass Moon Walk



Mar 18

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

This graffiti artist blu captured his graffiti animation which is so mind boggling, somewhat creepy, but it is a work of art. I especially love how his drawing interact with surrounding objects. The animation and accompany audio really grabs your attention, I just wonder how long it takes to complete this work. The city is his canvas…

Jun 23

Okay, I’ve done a lot of Photoshop along the way, some heavy retouching, but this one here is nuts, follow the link and rollover to see original :
>> Check this out

>> Here are some more not as extreme

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