Jun 22

A lot of Windows user switching over to Mac seems to confuse about the green button on the top left of a window, expecting it to maximize the window to full screen. But in fact that button is really not the same maximize button as Window’s world, but rather the Zoom button which merely maximize the Window to the content.

Here is a little video that explains the differences, and as well teaches you how to create a shortcut key for it (or click here to watch my video on youtube) :

Apr 02

I needed curl to do sftp recently, and found that the curl version came with Leopard is outdated and does not have the library “libssh2″ for sftp access.

curl -V would show you what options/library was compiled with it.

Then came macport which I previously installed.
Did a “port list curl” and found the curl version available was recent enough.
then “port info curl” would show you the variants available :
curl @7.19.3 (net, www)
Variants: ares, darwin_6, doc, gnutls, gss, idn, ipv6, openldap, sftp_scp, spnego, ssl, universal

sftp is there!

So simple enough, I did a “port install curl +sftp_scp” and sit back and relax.

To break it down in english : port please install curl and add the options of +sftp_scp
How simple can it be?

Macport is available at http://www.macports.org/, I recommend everyone to get it and have it installed, it is such a handy tool.

Oct 07

The last image was captured with Skitch, I just got an invite recently and tested it, it couldn’t be any simpler capturing images for the blog.

Here is how :

plasq.com - Skitch - Snap, Draw, Share

1. Launch Skitch


2. Click Snap, drag and select anything on the screen to capture, resize or crop to your liking.


3. Click webpost button.
That gets your captured image uploaded to your personal “mySkitch” page.

Untitled 2

4. Click Share! button (appears on the same spot).
That loads your “mySkitch” page.

mySkitch > ricci > Untitled 2″ /></a></div>
<p>5. Click on <strong>Copy</strong> button next to Embed Link.</p>
<div class=Blog.ebron.com 203A Create New Post 2014 WordPress

6. Paste embed code on your blog here.

Viola! Piece of cake…

Oct 07

Okay, I want one, taking paypal donation right now… ;P

I wonder how much this Gold and Diamond Mac Book Pro would cost at the end?

Check it out > http://www.computer-choppers.com/

Jul 26

I used to own an original Apple IIc, boy did I felt special back then, when there were so many Apple IIe clones.
It was fun times, and I really made full used of the IIc, but I have no clue where it is now.
Now I want it back… anyone have one buried in the basement for sale? Please give it to me and I will take good care of it, and I will make good use of it again.

Just like how this guy is doing :
>> Apple //c as a Dumb Terminal

Resurrected Apple IIc put into good use!

Jun 22

Ouch! That really hurts, especially when seen by Mac fans.

This guy is obviously piss off by AppleCare Service, and took extreme measure.

I think he should just stick with a PC instead (at least you won’t expect more), or maybe he’ve seen too much of the smashmyps3.com videos.

>> Check out the video

Jun 15

Everyone knows me knew I was a Mac Geek.

It is really exciting to see the joint interview of Steve and Bill at D5 Conference, the first time seeing them together since 1983!

The good thing is this turned out to be quite harmonious, and the 2 biggest rival in the tech history did not try to kill each other.

There are 7 parts of the interview :

Take a look at the videos

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