Jan 24

There are a lot of Super Mario music fans out there, take a look…

Blind folded piano :

Guitars :

Drums :

Flute and beatboxing :

11 Strings Base :


Any type of instruments you can find on youtube.

Jan 22

What’s with this one hand guitar playing, I mean I love Andy Mckee :

He is absolutely brilliant.

How about Antoine :Amazing but sick!

I mean who teaches them how to play guitar like that? Nobody!

Here is Four hands guitar :

And finally how about two hands two guitars! This Korean kid playing The Simpsons intro :

These guys are NUTS!

Jul 19

Okay…they are getting younger and younger… this is nuts!

Jul 05

At first, I thought this 10 year old singer Julia Abueva is incredible, such nice voice for her age.

But now there is this 6 year old little Connie Talbot at the Britain’s Got Talent show. She don’t even have any front teeth, but her voice is so angelic, check her out :

And here is another video at the final.

Jun 21

This swedish group called OkGo is pretty funny, can’t comment on their music, but they make up hilarious dance video and post them on YouTube and are pretty good.
This one here is on treadmill. Check out their other videos on YouTube page here : http://www.youtube.com/user/OkGo


Jun 17

This guy Jake Shimabukuro is simply breathless when playing his ukulele :

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