Dec 20


This 26 Gigapixel photo was taken in Dresden, Germany.
It feels like CTU in 24 and their satellite capture, it’s unbelievable how much details are in the photo.
It would take “Where’s Waldo” to another level.

But it is not done by 1 shot, it actually requires a lot of effort, took 172 minutes to shoot, took 94 hours to stitch 1665 images (21.4 megapixel) this 102 GB gigantic photo.

You must try this out, this is wild!

Nov 11

I wonder how many bones this guy (Danny Macaskill) have to break to get to his level of skills.

Simply amazing!

Jul 25

Okay… I want one of these please, you don’t see them, but they are there, so kewl!

Magnetic Movie from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Jul 23

Matt’s dance is really inspiring, and uplifting, I watched it so many times, gives you a break from any bad day, this would be a great video for kids, if you really want it, just do it. I wish I find this video some 20 years ago… =P

This video is the latest 2008 release collections of his dance all over the world, very nicely put together, notice how other people trying to mimic his goofy dance, you won’t regret watching it :

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Jul 31

Here is another one from

Spinning Silhouette

This one is mind boggling, you probably see her spinning clockwise, now focus downward on the shadow, and then look up again, do you see her now spinning counter-clockwise?

>> Read it here

*somehow this gif file did not animate on Mac Firefox, try other browser...

Jul 31

Take a look closely at A & B Square, obviously they are different colors, or maybe not?


By going through Photoshop, the picker did reveal them both square as identical colors, how is that possible?

Yes, it’s your eyes playing tricks on yourself, as human vision tends to base level of light/dark from the surrounding colors.

I have seen this image a few years ago, thanks to to bring this back and giving some good explanations…
>> Read it here

Jul 16

This Chinese painting was transformed very nicely and elegantly into 3D Animation, the work is pretty well done and all made in China :

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