Jun 26

No wonder the guy in front was in such a hurry! =)

In a Hurry

Mar 27

Is this what the current “Great Recession” is going bring?


Feb 18

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

Okay, I give him that, this Korean kid got guts and can dance, though sometimes hilariously. I am surprised even with all that exercises, he didn’t seem to have lost any weight at all!

Jul 23

Okay, this is unreal, because it is actually Sold Out!
This is sold as an unbreakable umbrella, but really more like a weapon to me.

Check out why, especially see how he deals with the Watermelon, maybe it’s for good use in the kitchen !!

Jul 23

An excellent video funny video about Typeface names, which was presented at the Font Conference…

Oct 29

The new Leopard OS X icons are huge, they can be as large as 512×512.

But check out the standard “generic PC Icon” that Apple decided to bundle with Leopard :



Jul 27

Everyone’s done phone pranks when they were a kid, seen good ones, but never thought it could be as good, funny, creative as fonejacker, some of them absolutely brilliant, this will take you a bit long to finish, but welll worth it :

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Jul 19

Great! Vista Aero interfacing is working well!

Vista Sucks

Click to see it!

Jul 19

Kinda old but still very funny, the floppy that one guy is desperately looking for was found…. but :


Jul 17

This is so funny…
The ultimate Golf Tips, I have no clue with any of the tips he said, but at least I know that Golf should be fun.

Jul 15

You’ve seen a lot of prank videos all your life, but have you seen pranks being done by 100 people at the same time?

Japanese often like to exaggerate things, but his one obviously from some TV show is pretty funny, check out near the end when they circle around the woman :

Jun 22

This actually showed up and printed on a catalog :

>> Check it out

Jun 15

This cat really have an act, begs for anything you throw at him :

Jun 15

For all the cat lovers out there, wondering where your cat goes, here is a nice experiment :


Jun 15

OMG, this is a real disaster!

I think the casket is in plastic too… This is a real horrible way to go.

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